Sensex Dream Run has created a wave of a Sort...
Everyone is talking about it...
MySelf being a Software Guy have also started discussing SENSEX with my friends!

It is really amazing to see the Markets booming and sensex Rolling the Bulls and Bears

The way it is going I feel it wont be long before it reaches 15K Mark!

Good For INDIA ;) For me I am still Confused between Bulls and Bears!!

Reservations !

I have taken a Well discussed/debatable and Hot topic!
My View about the Reservations in Private Sector as well as in IIM's IIT's

As I am a Software Engineer Logic Plays an Important Role. So Logically and Practically it will be a Poor Decision to Make Reservations

Reservation in IIT /IIM will deteriorate the Level of these Esteem institutes,as only Students with Merit should get a chance and not by luck or reservation.
Rather then Reservations people who are considered so called OBC's should be given FREE Education till 12th,given Scholarship if they are really good in Studies! And then the are welcome to Join IIMs,IIT's when they Pass it on their Merit and not thru some Reservation Quota!

If Reservation are Passed for these Institutes will there be Reservations for
1. The Indian Army, Navy, Air force
2. Indian Cricket team
3. Miss India Contest
and the list Goes on....

It is really SAD that we are facing this Question at the time when INDIA is going great Guns in all fields!

I ask the Government why they never thought of doing something for so called OBC's for so many years ?. For the last 60 years for 50 years Congress dominated the political Arena and still did nothing for these people! Now when they are loosing Hold , they are trying cheap pol tics to get the vote bank!

Do they thing by Reservation in Jobs, Educational Institutes will help those people who really need help ?? The Powerful will still take the jobs and the needy will remain where they were !